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How It Works

Order on demand has never been easier with OrderMerch.
We show you step-by-step how our service works!

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Step one

Sign Up For Free

Sign up for an account on our website and login. You're automatically assigned a dedicated account manager and a default company for your account.

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Step two

Choose Products

Choose from a wide range of products offered by OrderMerch that you'd like to customize. This can range from mugs, hats, t-shirts and more.

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Step three

Create Your Products

Contact your dedicated account manager. Provide them with the variants, sizes, and logos for the products you want. They'll create them and assign them to your account.

Upload your artwork and create your products with our design tool (coming soon).

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Step four

Giveaway or Sell Your Products

Sell or giveaway your products directly for your store, or business through OrderMerch. You can place orders on the dashboard, integrate with a platform (Etsy, Shopify, etc), and use our API to automate order fulfillment.

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Step five

Fulfill on Demand

When an order is paid we start the fulfillment process with our partners. We create, package, and ship an order whenever you give the go-ahead. There is no minimums.

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Step six

You're Finished

Just check on your order details on our dashboard. Find out if your order is shipping, completed, or if there was a problem. Send the tracking url to your customers or manage orders how you'd like!

Integrate With Anything

Designed for creators, entrepreneurs, businesses and enterprises. Tons of businesses use OrderMerch's software and APIs to create and deliver custom products. Manually connect your app, business, or store to OrderMerch's API for any platform.

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Why OrderMerch?

Global Fulfillment

Consistency and speed - our global partners offer competitive shipping rates and amazing quality.

No Hidden Costs

OrderMerch is completely free to use. There are no monthly subscriptions, you only pay for what you order.

Complete Automation

When using API integration everything is automated. Get back to focusing on your business.

No Minimums

Save money and avoid inventory. The products you need are created when an order has been paid.


Use Cases

You're able to use our services to benefit most businesses
The possibilities are endless

Affiliate Networks

Supply your affiliates/publishers with additional incentives besides cash! Send items on demand, with little work.

Developers with Apps

You can monetize your app by offering merchandise as a service or providing rewards to loyal users. There's plenty of ways, so get creative!

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Small Businesses

We work with small businesses that require merchandise. Helping them quickly create a product, and bring it to life. Then they order when needed.

Enterprise Solutions

We can handle large volumes for your business, resolving a big problem with your supply chain. All without an inventory and with premium merchandise.

Order on Demand vs Managing Inventory

Order on Demand

No inventory costsOthers are selling and using the same products
Easy to switch productsLess control over fulfillment
Little to no hassles
No big investments

Managing Inventory

Less product competitionInventory costs
Control over fulfillmentRisks of leftover stock
Higher profit marginsAdditional costs for storage, packaging, etc
Complicated fulfillment and shipping process

Have Questions?

Checkout our knowledge base where we answer the most frequently asked questions!

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