How To Create a Product?

Need to create a product? Here's how.

In a future version of OrderMerch you'll be able to create products yourself with our product designer.

First, you'll log in to your account.

On the dashboard, you'll look for your account manager and a way to contact them. In our case, we can contact our account manager via email.

Look for a product you'd like to use on OrderMerch (not on the dashboard). Let's say this pink hoodie.

Get the image you'd like to add to the product ready. Make sure it's a png file and a high-resolution image. If it's not high resolution the print quality will be terrible or may be rejected.

Contact your account manager with the product you'd like to create. Include the color you'd like, and the image to add to the product including the placement (front or back).

Example email:

Hey Brandon, I'd like to create this product in pink. I've attached the logo to this email and I would like it placed on the front!


Wait for your account manager to get back to you. They'll create the product and add it to your account. You can find it here including the mockup of your new product and its variants.

That's it! You've successfully created a product. You can place an order at any time and order your custom product!

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Written by BrandonLast updated on March 21, 2023
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