What Are The Different Order Statuses?

Are you wondering what all the order statuses are, and what they mean? Look no further! We answer this here.

Pending - The order is waiting to be processed. The order can be cancelled. In this state, you likely want to pay for the order and move it to an In Progress state.

In Progress - The order has been paid for and is now being processed by OrderMerch and its suppliers. An order cannot be cancelled from here on out. Processing includes creating the products and packing them.

Shipping - Parts of the order have been shipped. This can include individual items or multiple items.

Completed - All items for the order have been shipped. That or all items have been delivered. An order can still change its status at this point. If an order has problems with shipping this can change to Problem. Unless this status changes, you can assume the order is finished.

Problem - There was a problem with your order. You'll need to contact your account manager to find out what went wrong with the order. Need to learn the process for returns? Find out here.

Cancelled - The order was cancelled. This can be done through the API or dashboard. An order cannot be changed at this point.

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Written by BrandonLast updated on March 21, 2023
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